It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity! While temperature is important, maintaining the proper level of humidification is vital to the comfort of your family or business. We offer top-of-the-line central de-humidification systems. It used to be that de-humidifiers were portable units with removable water pans that require constant emptying – sometimes several times a day, depending on the amount of humidity in the home. These state of the art systems connects to the central A/C and or heating system, and continually removes humidity, even if the central air is off. This eliminates the hassle of emptying water pans and remembering to turn your portable dehumidifier unit on and off!

Basements are especially prone to humidity during the summertime. Excess humidity can lead to common air quality problems such as mold and allergens, and the dense air causes pollen to stick in vents rather then being properly filtered through an air cleaner. These pollutants can of course lead to potential health issues, or aggravate existing ones such as allergies and asthma.


Controlling humidity can not only affect how comfortable you feel, it can actually save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Our bodies “feel” heat as a combination of temperature and humidity. In other words, the more humid the air, the warmer it feels. So if you add humidity to dry, heated air in the winter with a humidifier, you can set your thermostat lower and still be comfortable — while you save money on your utility bills.

A humidifier can also help prevent dry, cracked skin, make it easier to breathe, protect your woodwork and reduce static electricity. It can even make you less susceptible to sore throats and winter colds.

Humidifiers operate on the basis of a simple concept. Air heated by your furnace or heat pump passes through a ceramic-coated pad in your humidifier, called an evaporator pad. The air absorbs moisture from the water-soaked pad and becomes water vapor that humidifies the heated air that is circulated throughout your home. Most humidifiers feature an adjustable humidistat so you can control the exact amount of moisture in the air. The proper amount of moisture depends on the outdoor temperature and other factors; your owner’s manual has recommendations for the best settings for your conditions.