The best heating system is one you don’t hear, see, or even realize it’s there.  There are no vents, radiators, or ductwork.  With a radiant system, invisible waves of heat rise from the floor, warming every object, which radiates that captured heat in return.  Because there are no cold surfaces to steal body heat, you enjoy greater comfort at lower temperatures.  Whether you are building a new home, replacing or supplementing your current heating system, or considering radiant heating for your commercial space, the factory-trained consultants from adco  have the technical expertise and extensive experience to perfectly design and execute your project.

Radiant heating systems provide many benefits!

With forced air systems, heat blows out of registers, rises to the ceiling, and drops back down only after it cools.  The furnace activates, reaches set temperatures, and then shuts down, causing temperature fluctuations.  Radiant systems maintain a much more even heat, right where you want it most.  Although the warm air still rises, it does so evenly, over the entire floor space, keeping the coolest air near the ceiling.  Hot water from a gas- or oil-fired boiler or water heater circulates through half-inch polyethylene tubing concealed beneath the floor, or in walls or ceilings.  Since water is far denser than air, it can transport 3,200 times more heat per cubic foot, making a hydronic system 40% more efficient than traditional heating systems.

Radiant heating adds value, comfort, and efficiency to your home.  When the licensed technicians from adco complete installation, your project is handled quickly, accurately, and in an organized manner.  We rely on top quality equipment and materials, protecting your investment with the best products and most qualified installers.  At adco we never cut corners, never rely on substandard materials to save a few pennies, and never underestimate the long term impact of our work.  We do the job right, start to finish, ensuring year after year of cost-savings, comfort, reliability, and total satisfaction.  Contact the professionals from adco for the most rewarding solution to the long winter chill.

Some of the many benefits of radiant heating include:

  • Long Lasting – While the typical lifespan of a forced air furnace is around eighteen years, you can count on your radiant floor to last up to forty years.
  • More Even Heating – As opposed to forced air heating, with a radiant system the outer reaches of the room are not neglected.  There are no blasts of hot air, followed by an unpleasant chill when a forced air system shuts down.
  • Better Aesthetics – Hidden beneath the floor, a radiant system does not interfere with the placement of furniture or interior design.
  • Safe and Healthy – There are no dangerous hot surfaces to worry about.  The system does not blow dust, bacteria, viruses, or pet dander throughout the rooms of your home.
  • Silent – There are no blowers or fans.  No clanking radiators and whoosh of ductwork.  There is silent, gentle, and consistent heat.
  • No Need to Humidify – Radiant heat doesn’t alter air moisture content, so there’s no overly dry air, eliminating the resulting dried breathing passages and vulnerability to infection.
  • Efficient – Glass reflects long-wave radiance produced by radiant systems, creating a greenhouse effect that contains energy within the home, reducing heat loss.  There is also none of the energy waste or necessary maintenance associated with ductwork.
  • Lower Temperature Settings – According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers, with a radiant system, ideal comfort is maintained at settings six to eight degrees lower than with forced air and baseboard systems.
  • No Stratification – With radiant floor heating, there is an average temperature difference of just two to four degrees between the floor and ceiling. This ensures far greater comfort from head to toe!

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